Are you shocked about how much you gained the past few months? With everyone indoors due to the pandemic, it’s almost inevitable to gain weight!

Maintaining your weight is a lot harder than losing it. It’s no surprise that dieting alone doesn’t work either. What will you do to compensate the time you wasted doing all that stuff?

Start by following the fastest weight loss exercise routines!

We have four simple but powerful ways to burn more calories than you would expect. Read our guide below to learn the fastest way to lose some pounds!

1. Lifting Weights

Lifting weights is both incredible for weight loss and weight management. Lifting weights burns calories all day, even after your workout. Strength training can also help you build muscle and burn fats much faster.

Did you know muscle tissues burn more calories than fat tissues?

One misconception is that fats can turn into muscles which are not true because they are two completely different tissue groups.  

2. Aerobics and Cardio

If you don’t want to be too muscular then aerobics and cardio are perfect for you.

There are many exercise workouts you can try like cycling, running, jumping rope, swimming, and walking. These all help you burn some calories. You can also search for Zumba fitness dances catered to the tune of your favorite music.

You can enjoy exercising anywhere from your favorite gym to the comfort of your home.

A cardio workout is one of the safest forms of exercise, even for older people and especially for those with health issues. Make sure to consult with your weight loss doctor to determine which exercise to follow.

3. Circuit Training

Interested in trying a 35 day weightloss challenge? Try circuit training.

This is also a great exercise regime if you are a little busy to keep off the weight. Circuit training is doing different exercises after the other in a strict schedule. For instance, you’ll do push-ups for a minute, then one-minute burpees, and then planking for another minute afterward.

Alternating between different workouts could burn more calories and work on different muscle groups than doing the same exercise for hours. 

The speed and duration depend on how intensive you want it. Circuit training ranges from 5-10 exercises. You can choose whatever is best suited for you and we recommend changing it every now and then to spice things up.

But of course, make sure to keep weight off after losing it.

4. Yoga

Doing yoga brings a completely different vibe than any other type of exercise. Contrary to popular belief, it also has rigorous and intense forms that support weight loss.

Power Yoga is one of the famous ones known that burn the majority of your calories after only one session. It also speeds up your metabolism and helps improves your body posture at the same time. 

The Vinyasa flow’s continuous and active movements strengthen your core muscles. You can lose weight fast by doing this at least 15 hours a week.

Discover the Fastest Weight Loss Exercise Right Now

These are four of the fastest weight loss exercise routines you can do right now! If you have a busy schedule or you simply don’t like working out too long, you shouldn’t hesitate to give these routines a try. They’re quick and efficient! 

Of course, you shouldn’t dive into an intensive routine without proper consultation. Do you want to have your own weightless doctor that can guide you on the right path? Contact us for an appointment!